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  • September 2019 Blog
    Forgiveness … A Powerful Tool! What can forgiveness do for you? If done properly, forgiveness can set you free. So many people go through life with physical and emotional pain that Read more
  • August 2019 Blog
    Are You Holding On To The Past? Reliving the negative events of your life, over and over, is the surest way to stop growing toward the future. Why do we choose Read more
  • July 2019 Blog
    Everyone knows about the power of positivity. When you think positively it becomes much easier to be a possibility thinker. The key is always reduced to one thing - THINKING. Read more
  • June 2019 Blog
    Become What You Believe! This month's blog is short and simple. Not much more has to be said. Take a quick inventory of your thoughts. If they stink then change them. Read more
  • May Blog 2019
    It's May, a time of change, of growth and new beginnings. It's time to venture outside again after months of "hibernation" indoors. Symbolically May is a great time to start Read more
  • April 2019 Blog
    For over forty years I have followed the same philosophy that has kept me on track, happy and moving towards my goals. I know I have bored many of you Read more
  • March 2019 Blog
    Spring is on its way. It is a time to prepare for the rest of the year. A time to prepare the soil, plant the seeds and anticipate the harvest. Read more
  • February 2019 Blog
    February is a quiet time of year. It's cold, dark and we spend a lot of our time indoors waiting for the summer sun. While we are waiting we have Read more
  • January 2019 Blog
    Over the years, I have continued to read something positive every day; something uplifting and motivation. The energy I get from positive material has had a profound affect on my Read more
  • Christmas Newsletter 2018
    Writing the annual newsletter is usually an easy task but this year, for some reason, I just had a tough time getting started. I had no direction...that is until Read more