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  • February 2020 Blog
    I Let It Go … So I Can Grow Ideas are like seeds – plant them often – focus on steps to help them grow - goals, plans, visualizations – then Read more
  • January 2020 Blog
    Facts of Life There are certain well known – well accepted facts of life. When we agree or accept these “truths” as our own personal belief system we call it a paradigm. Read more
  • Christmas Newsletter 2019
    Bloomfield Total Health Center 2019 Christmas Newsletter Read more
  • December 2019 Blog
    Smiles Are Truly Contagious … Try it! – Pick a day – any day and do a life experiment. Make it a point to smile at everyone you meet in one Read more
  • November 2019 Blog
    What’s Your Weakness? Dare to do a little exercise that will help you in your life. Step back from the emotional attachment and look at your life as an independent observer. Read more