IV Therapy

Introducing IV Therapy in Bloomfield, NJ

IV Therapy

Intravenous therapy better known as IV therapy is a fast and easy way to deliver higher doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to the body. These highly concentrated formulations are delivered to the parts of your body that need it most and are highly effective in improving immune function, anxiety, brain fog, beauty and skin health and even those unwanted hangovers.

Our IV therapy treatments are highly customized to each patient’s particular needs/desires. 

Brain Health = Brain Function


Brain function is not only crucial to ensuring the health of our bodies vital organs but it is also important to improving memory, function, focus and even our mood; especially as we get older. 

This vitamin infusion has all of the vital nutrients needed to protect against memory loss, including those patients suffering from Dementia/Alzheimer’s, brain injury/trauma, cognitive changes post viral infections and reducing inflammation within the brain to avoid changes in brain structure and function, as well as, slowing the degradation of brain cell/neurological diseases. 

Immune Strength = Immune Power


Feeling of exhaustion, fatigue and tiredness are not normal. Our bodies are designed to function at high physical activity and mental health levels for a prolonged period of time without exhibiting symptoms of lethargy. Stress can play a major role in feeling “deflated” and can significantly impact our daily lives and activities.

Strengthening your immune system with IV therapy will make you feel better, prevent and/or reduce the duration of illnesses, boost healing time and can even help combat seasonal allergies/common cold/flu symptoms. 

Myer’s Cocktail
Cocktail Infusion = Higher Quality of Life


Vitamins and mineral are essential for tip-top body functionality. Myer’s Cocktail is a nutrient rich “cocktail” infusion with a variety of different highly concentrated vitamins to enhance and maintain the body’s function/performance. This specially designed cocktail has numerous health benefits including alleviating stress, improving immune function, providing hydration, restoring balance, reducing chronic pain and improving energy level.

Enjoy the best of life with this quick and effective vitamin/mineral IV infusion.

Inner Beauty
Radiant, Glowing Skin = Boundless Beauty


Looking our best equals feeling our best. Restoring the skins natural defenses, improving acne, reducing wrinkles and “glowing” from within can help improve our overall mood and outlook on life. This specially designed formula is believed to fortify the skin/hair/nails, reduce wrinkles and frown lines and revitalize tired/aged looking skin.

While a healthy lifestyle, nutrient rich diet and regular exercise can all aid the body in decreasing the aging process, regular IV infusion can supplement this process, thus providing faster, efficient and more lasting results. Create a better, beautiful you from inside out. 

Recovery and Performance
Fitness = Strength/Endurance


Reduce your recovery time and enhance your performance with this nutrient rich IV infusion jammed packed with ascorbic acid, mixture of B complex vitamins, amino acids and a unique blend of minerals. This unique concoction of supplements has been known to reduce inflammation, replenish key nutrients, reverse the effects of dehydration, improve metabolic speed, reduce muscle degradation, decrease injury recovery time and improve performance, especially athletic performance.

Restore your strength and performance with this specially designed formula and avoid those unwanted energy depletions.

Activity = Happiness


Getting going in the morning, after inactivity, or even transitioning from one position to the other can be a challenge. Whether it be stress, inadequate diet or musculoskeletal symptoms; our bodies are designed to get up and go. When this does not occur, every aspect of our lives is affected. Let’s rid ourselves of these unwanted nuisances by kick starting our body to performance at its best. With this formula, we can boost our metabolism thereby boosting our energy level, burn fat and improve our performance.

Let’s get back to optimal health and wellness and provide our body with the fuel it needs to get up and go!

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+)
Regeneration = Energy

Put the Spring Back in Your Step

NAD and NAD+ occurs naturally in our body. Studies have shown a simple NAD+ infusion can help increase mental cognition, thereby improving mental clarity/mood and enhancing memory function/concentration. This overall boost in brain and metabolic function has also been known to help manage a wide variety of illnesses including diabetes/cancer and can assist with slowing the aging process. 

Let's take back control of our lives and put a spring back in our step.

Restore Digestive Health = Restore Daily Activities


Digestive and gastric complications can wreak havoc on an individual’s daily activities and overall outlook on life. This premium IV formulation can help reduce bloating, irritability, discomfort, low back pain and can even assist with those undesired PMS symptoms.

Don’t be afraid to go out and enjoy life again without the hassle of GI discomfort or monthly time checks. Relish in life’s wonders once again. 

Re-hydration = Re-store


Our bodies are in a state of constant strain. We tax our bodies daily with a multitude of tasks including physical, psychological and far beyond. Most of us have attempted to design our own plan to combat the nuances of our lives, whether it is caffeine or exercise, however, most of us can agree on one common denominator in particular; we don’t hydrate enough. Studies have shown that an adequate amount of water is ½ of the body’s weight in ounces, consumed daily. This vitamin infusion will hydrate your body, detox your system, restore essential vitamins, reduce inflammation/fatigue and improve circulation.

This IV infusion is the most effective way to bypass the body’s digestive system and ensure the highest concentration of fluids charged with vitamin and nutrients, infusing directly into the bloodstream and directly to key organs, thereby enhancing bodily function and overall health and reversing the effects of dehydration.

Reset = Re-energize


When you party too hard, don’t get enough sleep or run your body ragged, you feel the effects of grogginess, irritability, headaches, dehydration and an underlying feeling of being “drained”. The best way to combat these feeling is to simply press the reset button. In less than an hour you can restore your body to top function with this vitamin packed infusion designed to detox your system, rehydrate your body, ease/eliminate hangover symptoms, reduce inflammation and fight fatigue.

It’s time to rise and shine and restore and reboot your body!

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