Back Pain

Treating Back Pain Under A Doctor's Care

If you are experiencing back pain then a home remedy might be all that you need. Yet if you have tried them with no results, there are back pain doctors at Bloomfield Total Health Center in Bloomfield NJ, that can help. You will be in good hands when you meet with Dr. Michael Credico, Dr. Philip Casale, or Dr. Anne Coffey to receive chiropractic care. Below are some of the options they may suggest when they treat your back pain.


Injections For Back Pain

In some cases, back pain may spread to your legs. When it does, a chiropractor may choose to treat it with injections. Cortisone is a medication that acts as an anti-inflammatory. Injections of cortisone can ease the pain you feel in and around your affected area. It works to numb the area surrounding your spinal cord, just as epidurals are used to numb the pain of childbirth. The roots of the nerves in the back will become less inflamed with an injection of cortisone. However, this is only a temporary form of treatment, as the pain will return again within a few months.

Physical Therapy

A more permanent treatment option a chiropractor may recommend is physical therapy. When you suffer from chronic back pain, physical therapy can help you retrain your body to adopt a better posture. Undergoing this type of treatment also involves core strengthening and regular aerobic exercise. Stretching and flexibility are also an important part of physical therapy used to treat pain in your back. 


Some people find that Yoga can help treat their pain. With different Yoga types to choose from, a doctor can help you decide which one is the best fit for your particular needs. One reason that Yoga is recommended is that it has been proven to effectively change your posture for the better. By stretching your muscles out, they will become stronger. In addition, certain relaxation techniques and breathing exercises can make a huge difference as well.

Lifestyle And Diet Changes

Our doctor may recommend that you make some lifestyle and diet changes. This includes alterations to your routines and to how you complete your daily tasks. It means changing little things like how often you take breaks when completing tasks around the house. By avoiding certain activities, especially repetitive activities, that can worsen your pain, you will be able to adapt to a new way of life that doesn't result in back pain.

Contact Our Bloomfield Doctors

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