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January 2021 Nutrition Blog

Be You …

Happy New Year! Here we are in the long awaited 2021 and we are bombarded with the idea of “New Year, New You” everywhere we look. The truth is there is no need for a “ New You”. You are perfect as you are and if you have identified some areas that need work, great! Let us approach them with tact and common sense.

If you have decided that you are going to focus on losing weight, find something that makes sense and will work for you and your lifestyle. Just because a program works for someone else does not mean it is for you. Get the individual help and support you need. Take a look at how your eating has changed over the past year and behaviors and feelings behind them because if you are overweight there are times when you are eating to feed your emotions, not your body. Deal with those emotions and behaviors with exercise, meditation, journaling or by seeking professional help. If you do not address these feelings, you will eventually go back to the destructive eating behaviors.

Next, set goals and celebrate the small wins. Having a long term or 90 day goal is helpful but will not keep you motivated day in and day out. Take it one day at a time. Go one step farther than that and take it one moment or one meal at a time. Break the day up, for example: if you woke up 10 minutes earlier to have enough time to eat breakfast instead of picking up a bagel and fancy coffee drink on your way to work this is a win and deserves a pat on the back. Pack a lunch instead of having fast food-another win! For that afternoon slump before grabbing a high sugar snack go for a quick walk, drink a bottle of water and if you need a snack, make a nutrient dense choice like almonds or a piece of fruit, winning! Doing this for one day will not lead to weight loss, but if you acknowledge each action in a positive direction you will stay motivated. There are many non-scale victories that are equally as important as weight loss.

Be gentle on yourself if you get off course or when “life happens”. If you relapse into old habits recognize it, identify how you can do differently next time and then move on. Recovering from these setbacks is easier with support, so even if you are not physically with others, reach out to those that support and value you. Understand that wallowing, ruminating, etc. will move you in the opposite direction of your goals. So, resolve to love yourself instead of punishing yourself when you experience a setback, let it be the step up to your next win!

Find the help you need and create a roadmap for your success. All you need is a plan, wishing and hoping that things change will not make them change. Commit to yourself and your coach, guide or mentor that you are going to go to any lengths despite the obstacles and you cannot fail. As things change for you, you will be an example to those around you inspiring them to move forward. Set the tone for 2021 by taking action, that is all you need to get started and by the summer you will be amazed with your results!